Hello! I'm Abby, owner and maker at Water Love Creative.

About Water Love Creative

After more than a decade in the DC-Baltimore area working in digital communications, I moved back to my hometown near Cleveland, Ohio.

With two small kids when the pandemic began, I turned to my artistic side as a way to find time for myself. From the first time I tried ice dyeing I was hooked. After giving many ice dyed pieces to friends and family as gifts, I decided to start Water Love Creative as a place to share my creations.

What is ice dyeing?

Ice dyeing is the process of dyeing fabrics with powder dye using ice. The dye is applied to the fabric and covered with ice or the dye is sprinkled over the ice. With either method, as the ice melts it creates unique and one-of-a-kind designs. No two pieces are the same! 

Each piece is hand dyed by me with love. I believe it's important to find joy in everyday things and I hope the items you find in my shop bring you joy! 


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